Charlottesville, Virginia Summer Sessions

I was dying to get a family out on the river for a fun and playful session. The plan was to have no expectations and just guide the family gently while allowing them to play and have fun. This family showed up ready to PLAY and it it shined through every image!

A father swings his son's feet through the water making a splash.
Three siblings stand on a large fallen tree barefoot while looking out at the Rivanna River.
A father holds his son's hand as they walk through the shallow river.
Three siblings hold hands as they walk in the sand with their parents during a Charlottesville family session.
A family stand wading in the Rivanna River in Charlottesville playing together.
A detailed image of three siblings feet standing on a fallen tree log.
A sister and two brothers sit in the shallow part of the river hugging each other.
A family plays in the Rivanna River at Darden Towe Park.
A husband holds his wife's face bringing her in close for a kiss.
A family stand near the river skipping stones into the water during their Charlottesville family photoshoot.
A father swings his son in the air playfully during a family photoshoot in Charlottesville.
A little girl sits in the Rivanna River splashing.
Three sibling hug one another while sitting in the river.
A detail image of a husbands hands wrapped around his wife.
Three children splash and play in the Rivanna River during their Charlottesville Family Photos.


Styling this session was easy peasy! Most of the outfits were purchased from Target, Zara, and H&M. I stuck to a neutral palette to compliment the background and have a more natural and earthy feel.

A little girl hugs her mother's arm during their family photo session.
A family stand in the sand near the Rivanna River while lauding with one another.
A little boy looks at the shells in his brother's hand.
Three children sit in the sand near the river playing with sand and sticks.
A wide angle view of a family snuggling while standing in the sand at Darden Towe Park.
Children play on a large piece of driftwood near the river.
A little boy digs in the dirt.
Children run in the sand down a sandy path at Darden Towe.
A little boy hugs his mom around the waist.
A father and daughter share a sweet moment during their family photos in Charlottesville.
A family of 5 sit on the sand together while looking out to the river.
A detailed image of a family's feet and legs sitting in the sand.
Two brothers look at one another laughing.
A family plays in the sand while skipping stones in the river.
A detailed image of three children's legs hanging off a tree trunk.


I had been hoping a client would want to do a river session. There was no better place than the Rivanna River here in Charlottesville. We used a great spot near Darden Town Park that had a mix of river and beachy vibes. This location mixed with the styling and relaxed posing approach culminated into a beautiful and organic session that gave me all the feels.

A little girl hugs here little brother during their Charlottesville family photoshoot.
A sister and two brothers wade in the Rivanna river looking for fish.
A detailed shot of three children's feet standing on a fallen tree log.
An older sister holds her little brother's hand.
A little boy wades in the Rivanna river while playing at their family photos at Darden Towe.
A family dance and play in the Rivanna river during their Charlottesville family photos.

I hope you loved this little glimpse into this River Session from this summer! It was such a fun and dreamy session. If you have a spot your family loves, consider using it for your next family photo session!

Love, Jette XO